About Us

MCE Ltd. is a leading specialist Civil Engineering contractor which is 100% Irish owned and was established in 1978. We have successfully completed numerous multi million euro projects throughout Ireland for leading renewable energy developers, providing innovative tailor made solutions.

Our capability to provide complete in-house services from design, planning and construction through to handover ensures that we retain control over our projects thus ensuring a smooth delivery through their lifetime. Boasting a highly skilled engineering and technical staff, the latest technologies along with an experienced management team, this ensures that we have a competitive advantage over our competitors which we pass onto our clients.

MCE prefers to participate at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can provide value engineering solutions and have more control over time, cost and quality thus benefiting the client. This drive to be at the forefront of the industry has allowed MCE to establish itself within the marketplace as a quality driven, innovative and target driven company with a willingness to work collaboratively to ensure successful project outcomes. Our workforce is continually challenged by management to improve upon existing practices and standards.

MCE recoginize that construction is a unique environment as no single project is the same as another and that diversity breeds innovation and innovative problem solving at every level. Our Civil Engineering division specializes in wind farm projects which may include all or a number of the following areas;

  • Project Management
  • Construction of New Site Access Roads and the Upgrade of the Public Roadway
  • Construction of Substation Building
  • Construction of Turbine Foundations
  • Construction of Crane Hardstandings
  • Construction of Required Cable Trenching
Project Management

MCE possess highly capable and experienced staff who can plan, organize, monitor and control all site activities to ensure a successful project completion. In addition to completing detailed surveys, site investigations and design, MCE carry out day to day activities which include;

  •  Ordering and programming of deliveries
  • Efficient control of onsite activities
  • Quality control of all site work and documentation
  • Site safety
  • Environmental control
  • Programming of site works
Construction of New Site Access Roads and the Upgrade of the Public Roadway

MCE have the expertise and plant to construct site access roads in all types of conditions from floating roads in deep bogs to access roads along steep mountain ranges.
These have to be hard-wearing and resilient to withstand severe weather conditions aswell as being capable to withstand the passing of 500T to 1,000T cranes used to erect the turbines.
In addition to this MCE must ensure that the roads are constructed so that the abnormal loads carrying the turbines can safely access and navigate the site.


Wind farm substations are an integral part of the efficient running of a windfarm and have to be designed and constructed to the highest quality standards in line with ESB/ Eirgrid requirements.
The construction and electrical components of the substation are designed to Eirgrid specifications and the substation compounds are surrounded by a steel palisade fence as required by ESB/ Eirgrid.
The substation control buildings include staff welfare facilities for the staff that work on the substation during the operational phase of the project.


MCE have built up a strong relationship with leading turbine suppliers Nordex, Vestas and Enercon and deliver the foundations to the strictest specification.
We ensure that the highest quality possible is achieved as otherwise costly and time consuming repair work may have to be completed.
MCE have completed turbine foundations within the following parameters;

  • Reinforcement from 20 – 50 Tonnes
  • Basket, Can or Bolts cast into the foundation to connect to the tower
  • Mass concrete from 200 – 500m3
Construction of Crane Hardstandings

The crane hardstands have to be capable of supporting cranes upto 1,000 tonnes and large enough for a tail crane to also work in the hardstand when lifting tower sections in unison.
They must also accommodate the storage of plant and machinery in a safe and efficient manner.
MCE have vast experience in constructing hardstands to these specifications as shown in the photos.

Construction of Required Cable Trenching

MCE have the experience of providing cable trenching in difficult ground conditions, crossing various services and on public road and wind farm roads for numerous projects.
MCE consider high quality cable trenching as extremely important so that the power generated by the turbines is efficiently and economically delivered to the grid system.
Some of the cable trenching which MCE have carried out is shown in the photos.